My Obsession with Calendars

March 12, 2017



As we take our annual trip to the future (aka "Daylight Savings Time"), it seems like a great time to reflect out loud on the romance of time.  My personal favorite moments of the year fall near the end of February--those unpredictable, unscheduled times when Barnes & Nobe and Half-Price Books mark their calendars down from $9.95 or $12.95 (or even more) to . . . $1.00.


Yes, a buck.  One dollar for one year of pictures, quotations, phases of the moon, obscure holidays, and blank spaces just waiting to be filled with records of life happening.  I hang them on the walls, scatter them around the house, carry them in my car/purse/knitting bag/gym bag/briefcase/etc.  I give them away to friends in need of cartoons or crosswords or horoscopes or lore of some special kind.


A few years ago , I made this map of how time looked around me . . .


Bedroom:  Page-a-Day Zen, Celestial Gallery, and Dharma Diary.  Desktop:  Page-a-Day Pisces.  Entryway: The Hobbit.  Library: A Year in Tibet.  Kitchen: Page-a-Day Feng Shui.  Project room:  Knit Bits.  Planning bag:  Taschen's Monet.  Painting bag:  Taschen's Rothko.  Gym bag:  Taschen's Leonardo da Vinci. 


This year I've cut down to half a dozen--but then, now I make my own as well.  


What could I possibly need with so many calendars?  Hard to say--but the need is strong!  Explore the allure at Calendars through the Ages.  And consider the possibilities at "the best selection of calendars in the known universe."  (Do not overlook the moose calendar . . . or the moons . . . )

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