Romancing the Weather

March 20, 2017

It's spring.  And these are the days when weather patterns shift and collide, so the near future takes on a new urgency.  Rain or shine?  Drought or flood?  Stormy or still?


Many of us are also thinking about how our gardens will grow--what to plant and when.  For some inspiration from a different perspective, check out Sacred Garden Spaces, which offers some fascinating lore, along with instructions for creating a richly symbolic herb garden.


Or consider this complex picture of the seasons, based on the indigenous meteorology of Australian tribal groups:


 Which might make you wonder (as I did) . . . why not create a personal weather calendar, from my own knowledge of how the local world behaves . . . ? 


Or perhaps just cultivate a simple poetic awareness, like the 13th century Japanese priest Dogen:

In the spring, cherry blossoms, in the summer the cuckoo.
In autumn the moon, and in winter the snow, clear, cold. 

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