Time Crash: Back in the OC

March 31, 2017


This week I discovered the joys of coworking at Common Desk.  Check out their site and see what a great venue it is!  But the relevance here is that my Common Desk "home" is about a mile from the house where I grew up,in the part of Dallas known as Oak Cliff.  


The OC was an odd and in some ways wonderful place.  Much changed today, of course, but that's another post.  Our Common Desk space is just three blocks away from Kidd Springs, a small lake that now anchors a fairly conventional community park.  When I was growing up, it was rather wild around the perimeter, but there were target rings in the lake where we practiced casting.  Right across the street from the lake was a triangular piece of land standing between two lazy streets--shown in the red box above.  (That's the lake, just to the left.)


My family owned (or leased--I'm not sure) that triangle, and our horses lived there.  As far as I can remember, the property contained a slightly ramshackle stable, a small tack room, water troughs, and a hay rick.  From the time I was about five, I walked the half-mile or so from our house on most days, got on a horse, and rode off in some direction.


Somehow my family managed to lose the money that managed all this, and by the time I was ten, we had moved to a decent but uninspiring suburban area.  It was a lucky thing, though, to grow up in the OC.  More to come . . . 




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