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Cynthia Giles

Capabilities Overview

What do I do?

I am a generalist, with a broad range of skills and a solid track record of delivering quality results, meeting deadlines, and adding value. 

I will be a great fit if you are looking for someone who:

  • Thinks clearly

  • Learns quickly

  • Is flexible and adaptable

  • Interacts effectively at all levels

  • Can fill a variety of roles

  • Takes a strategic approach to every project

My strenths:

  1. I can write almost any kind of content, for a wide variety of audiences

  2. I can produce information graphics and visually effective communications

  3. I have a solid grasp of business analytics and IT infrastructure

  4. I have practical knowledge of business issues and best practices

  5. I understand marketing

  6. I am a PowerPoint powerhouse

  7. I know how to make complex ideas clear and accessible

  8. I have a strong background in training development and delivery

  9. I know how to work with SMEs to gather information and requirements

  10. I deliver quality results--and never miss a deadline

Some companies I have worked for:

  • Greyhound Lines, Baylor Scott & White, PepsiCo, La Quinta Inns & Suites (IT strategy, technical and corporate communications, instructional design)

  • Southwest Airlines, Frisco Heritage Museum, Sabre, PartnerComm (marketing communications and presentation design)

  • Backbone Media, Smartbug Media, Yahoo!  (content development. search analytics)

  • Gale/Cengage and Chadwyck-Healy/ProQuest (academic writing and research)

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